Thursday, 20 January 2011

Third Place at the BFA Florist of the Year Competition!!!


Lana was awarded with the third place at the BFA’s FleurEx Gala Awards dinner on Saturday 23 October by Mark Ward, president of the BFA.
The competitors in this year’s competition were given the theme of “The Elements.” They had to construct a bridal design inspired by the element of “wind”, a planter inspired by the element of “earth”, a free expression piece to do with “water” and a bouquet inspired by the element of “fire”. They also had to create a surprise item.
Second place went to David Ragg, with the first one going to Neil Whittaker.

Lana's works at the competition:





Tears of Happiness Event in Alden Biesen

Lana Bates, our leading floral designer once again went to Belgium in September 2010!

The annual Floral Spectacular event was held by Fleur Kreativ in the end of September within the legendary grounds of Landcommandery Alden Biesen, where every year best european floral designers create numerous floral wonders, attracting thousands of visitors – florists and general public from around the world. Many young talents are invited to taste a water in different competitions held throughout the event.
The topic of the event this year was “Touche couleur” and found reflections all through the castle, where large and small rooms, halls and corridors, even attics and cellars, and water canal were full of colorful designs.

The largest project of the event this year was offered for decoration to Robert Koene – famous Dutch florist, based last 10 years in Greece, author of the “Wedding story” book .
Robert Koene with a team of 16 florists from Greece, UK, Israel and Ukraine decorated the castle in Landcommandery, where the most famous designers had previously put their floral touch, such as Daniel Ost, Stef Adriaenssens, Geert Pattyn .

Robert Koene's project was named “Tears of Happiness” and sponsored by Dutch Creations, presenting their new rose variety “White Naomi”, 10,000 rose stems were used for creating 8 small and 4 big conical constructions, each symbolizing a teardrop, for the church isle and the altar.
The colours chosen for the theme were white and green. For the decoration of each smaller “teardrop” as many as 250 stems were used and over 600 – for the decoration of each large construction.
In addition to the major decorations wide variety of classic and elegant church decorations were also created, such as white and green balls and ivy strands placed in different points of the church, garland at the entry, chandeliers and exterior decorations. But, undoubtedly, the main attraction was a tablecloth, covering an altar, all made from “White Naomi” rose petals and stachys leaves.
"Knowing Robert for the few good years I was very happy to be invited to participate in this project and enjoyed every moment of this endeavor. All the members of the team worked very hard and achieved a huge success as a castle d├ęcor was voted the best in the event.", said Lana